About the Author

Hiya! I'm Danny, or Flower Bobo as most people know me! I'm a gay genderfluid artist who loves to draw colorful furries! I'm mentally ill and autistic, and these are very important parts of who I am. This comic is very personal to me, as these characters each represent a part of who I am. I've been developing them since 2015, and I've been making this comic for 2 years now! Thank you so so much for reading, and doing what you do! <3

About the Comic

Doctor Stines' Mansion of Mortality is a webcomic about overcoming trauma and finding your own reason to keep going. It is heavily based on my experiences as a mentally ill person, and how I wish the world could be. It follows Brian N. Jury, a pink koala who just wants to leave everything behind. It focuses on his journey through a strange mansion that he just can't seem to leave, and how he copes with the loss of the part of him he used to hate.